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Charlotte, NC — Across the nation there is an awakening, a heightened sense of encroaching government power that was never supposed to be. As if suddenly slapped out of a deep slumber, parents are realizing the schools they trust to educate their children are filling their heads with anti-American ideals, racism and immoral ideas about human sexuality.

In searching for solutions, many Americans cling to the misperception that voting for a political party, showing itself to be nothing but a slower march toward socialism, will bring the change they seek. Trapped in a misleading cycle of voting for the lesser of two evils, Americans have given their power away to politicians and their empty promises to steer the ship from the impending iceberg of totalitarianism. To come up with real solutions, the problem must be understood in its entirety, and unfortunately, those with the power to subvert the mind have convinced many that only a whacked-out conspiracy theorist thinks there is any problem at all. 

The average American has no conception of the deep penetration of the Communist conspiracy inside The United Nations.

The above quote is from the book The Naked Communist. Cleon Skousen wrote it in 1954 as a warning to how successfully the Marxist mindset had already been implanted in the American consciousness. When it comes to the United Nations, there is little doubt that today, most Americans realize they are not on our side.

There is a continuous push to pull the United States out of the U.N. as they are seen as a hostile organization, attempting to wrest our sovereignty and merge us into the coming global government. Americans fail to realize, however, just as Skousen said in ’54, just how entwined we are in the U.N. system. Especially concerning their influence on education. 

In 1946, shortly after the end of World War II, the United States joined UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization for the sole purpose of using education as a means of training future generations to avoid war and accept globalism. The previous year, The United States signed into law the United Nations Participation Act, dictating that the U.S. fully participate in all U.N. endeavors. UNESCO, according to Charlotte Iserbyt, would take the lead in directing education in all countries, including ours, for the purpose of establishing peace and a unified direction for mankind. 

The communist belief was that traditional ideas of morality were the primary cause of conflict and human suffering. In a paper entitled The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress: The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society, presented to the World Health Organization in 1946, Brock Chisholm stated that morality was the lowest common denominator of human civilization. Belief in truth as an absolute, rather than an abstract concept, prevented man from developing systems of rational thinking.

Chisholm, as do all communists, hated the Christian religion as they believed it prevents men from reasoning and enjoying the unlimited freedom to follow their natural inclinations. Chisholm was a psychiatrist who believed psychiatry and education should be working hand in hand to eradicate, in the minds of our children, all concepts of right or wrong and good and evil. Elementary education should be dominated by psychology and sociology, or what Chisholm refers to as the “sciences of living.” The whole purpose was to create a mind ready to accept a new global order. 

In a recently published UNESCO document entitled Rethinking Education, it is admitted that the driving philosophy behind the global education initiative is scientific humanism. Humanism itself is the idea that there is no proof of a divine being guiding human affairs, and people are the highest form of intelligence in the universe.

Taking the evolutionist view, humanists believe that human beings are just another animal who possesses no independent will of their own, or any moral significance which sets them apart from the natural world. Scientific humanism, then, is the employment of the scientific method in developing man to his highest potential from the perspective that there is no universal morality governing our behavior. 

The use of science in the field of human behavior is done from the Darwinist’s perspective in the sense they believe the environment, opposed to freewill, is responsible for shaping people’s actions. Behaviorist B.F. Skinner was instrumental in developing a science of human behavior based on this concept known as operant conditioning.

He states in his book Beyond and Freedom and Dignity that all studies of behavior should be conducted from the perspective that “a person’s behavior is determined by a genetic endowment traceable to the evolutionary history of the species and by the environmental circumstances to which as an individual he has been exposed.” He rejects the notion of man being in control of himself. To the communist, freewill is only viable insofar as the environment compels the individual to act within the confines of what our inner natures dictate. 

Operant conditioning has been used in our public schools to produce desirable behaviors and eradicate undesirable behaviors since at least 1969. It works by rewarding students for demonstrating correct behavior through what Skinner referred to as schedules of reinforcement. Another interesting point Skinner made is that people’s fear of not fitting in the group is a powerful form of social control.

In the classroom, techniques which isolate or humiliate resistors pressure them into conforming. In other words, our children are being conditioned, through systems of rewards and punishments, to hold the anti-American, racist and immoral views which dominate educational discourse, and it has been happening for the better part of the past fifty years. 

The United States allegedly pulled out of UNESCO in 2017, however, the indoctrination into a globalist mindset continues. In 2018, former U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos signed the U.S. onto the U.N.’s sustainable development agenda. This is also known as U.N. Agenda 2030, and it contains all the educational objectives of UNESCO. The end goal is the creation of a global citizen who rejects ideas of national sovereignty, a divine creator and universal morality. 

While Americans are awakening to this reality at an increasing pace, it is unlikely any real change will occur playing within the boundaries of the current voting system. First, Americans must understand this agenda started nearly 100 years ago. Second, this agenda was accomplished by people who had an unwavering belief that their worldview, no matter how demented and misguided, would lead to something better.

They have an unbreakable commitment to change and are willing to do anything to accomplish their vision for global government. Affecting real change will first require that same commitment, and the realization that it may take some time. We must sacrifice our personal ambitions and be the change we wish to see by becoming the educators, social workers, politicians, and policy makers. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and pretend that it will never happen here. 

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