In Joe Biden’s America, we negotiate with and surrender to terrorists


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Charlotte, NC — In just a couple of weeks, our nation will reflect on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s not like you need reminding that terrorists wreaked havoc on America that day, taking thousands of lives and forever changing our world. Not long after the event, we entered into a war against terrorism.

The war centered around Afghanistan, where thousands of US military members have spent nights protecting our nation. Thousands also paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan, giving their lives for our freedom. For their sacrifice, we are forever grateful.

But something has changed in the past 20 years in our country which is concerning. I am certainly not advocating for pointless war or endless war. After the events of 9/11, our nation had no interest in negotiating with terrorist regimes. We had no interest in tolerating jihadist viewpoints that sought to destroy our freedom and take the lives of our fellow Americans.

All of that has changed here in Joe Biden’s America.

On Tuesday, news outlets reported that the CIA director had secretly met to negotiate with the Taliban. That follows along with other recent reports of how a special envoy had been working for months to negotiate with the Taliban to allow the withdrawal of troops from the nation. It was not described as a withdrawal in that article, but rather a surrender to the terrorist regime known as the Taliban.

When did we start negotiating with terrorist regimes? When did we start surrendering to terrorists, allowing them to draw red lines and to give the US orders on how to operate? You can thank Joe Biden for that.

Time and again this “president,” if you choose to call him that, has shown that he has no interest in America. He has no interest in protecting American lives, the American dream, or America as a whole.

If he were interested in protecting American lives, he would have had a plan to evacuate Americans out of Afghanistan. Instead, he was left to negotiate with terrorists. I have even heard reports from military members on the ground in Afghanistan that the Taliban has already said they will start killing any American left in the nation after August 31. Rather than America leading the way, we are allowing a terrorist regime to dictate the terms and actions of our nation for our citizens.

What should we expect from a “president” who is more interested in allowing domestic terrorists to destroy America’s cities and towns in the name of equality. Perhaps he thinks that the Taliban is simply an idea, as he liked to say when referring to Antifa.

Thousands of military members gave their lives in order to protect our nation and try to eliminate the terrorism threat from these jihadists for the past 20 years. How does Biden remember their service? By giving billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban, creating the world’s most powerful and well-equipped terrorist regime in the world.

Through his actions, Joe Biden has made the United States more unsafe than it has ever been. Can you imagine the joy Osama bin Laden would have had to possess this type of military strength to attack the United States and its allies? Apparently, he did not call Joe Biden.

If Biden is willing to place the US military members at this type of risk to the Taliban, do you really believe that he is willing to protect Americans here at home? If China or Russia were to decide and attack us here on the US mainland, do we really believe that Joe Biden would do anything?

Instead, perhaps he would want to invite them over for some ice cream and a nice state dinner. Perhaps he would invite them over to the Capitol and give them a tour offering them the keys as they walk around.

That’s exactly what he did in Afghanistan. He went into the country without a plan. He showed the Taliban all around and gave them all the infrastructure necessary to establish their terrorist nation once again.

In Joe Biden’s America, our nation no longer looks like America at all. We look like a nation that has a dementia-ridden man in charge of calling the shots. One that is more interested in negotiation and surrender than truly defending America and its freedom. Our enemies abroad are laughing at us.

If this is the mess that he created in Afghanistan, just think about what our nation here at home will look like in a few years.

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