Left-wing radicals celebrate ‘racist’ comments except when it comes from a conservative


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Los Angeles, CA — The radical left has begun their assault of the candidate that they feel is the biggest threat to California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Larry Elder is being attacked from nearly every direction, as the radical left places him in the crosshairs for everything he has ever said or done that they can spin into an attack.

The LA Times ran with the story that elder used the N-word in a comedy sketch back in the ’90s. Yes, the Los Angeles Times and their radical partners have gone back 30 years into the history books to attempt and attack Elder and establish character flaws. What’s even more ironic is that Elder is a Black man himself.

So let me get this straight. The radical left wants to attack a Black man for using a term that is derogatory toward Black people to help an elitist white man remain in power. It sounds logical.

But what I find the most difficult to understand is the hypocrisy of the radical left here.

If you look at the article from The LA Times, they are promoting the idea that it is only an issue because he used the term with an ‘er’ pronunciation rather than ‘a’ at the end. Seriously?

From rappers to actors, Hollywood is filled with people that use the n-word on a daily basis. They use it derogatorily toward Black people, insulting their intelligence and actions. Whether they use the ‘a’ pronunciation or the ‘er’ pronunciation, what’s the difference? It’s still derogatory.

So what’s the issue here? Oh, that’s right. Elder is a conservative.

The radical left has no issues with the word usage if it comes from someone that is voting in support of the radical left. They celebrate Hollywood for their use of the word. They laugh at it when they use it in a comedy sketch.

I think about all the clips that I have seen of various black comedians, rappers, actors, etc. where they have used the n-word. Did you hear an outcry from them? Were they asked to apologize? Were they asked to step back from their career aspirations?

Absolutely not. They were promoted and celebrated. They were given a star on Hollywood Boulevard. They were allowed to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show. They were given a prominent spot in an awards show.

There is something drastically wrong with our society when we will hold one Black man accountable for his actions as racist and derogatory when we will allow others to get away with it and celebrated. But that is the radical left for you.

They have no issues with a governor who refuses to abide by his own rules. They have no issues with Biden forcing Afghan women into sexual abuse and slavery. Now, if the last name of the current president was Trump, there would be outcries about how he hates women and does not respect women’s rights.

But how dare a conservative Black man who is running for governor do something that Black men around Hollywood get away with without any consequence. That’s worth attacking him for according to the radical media.

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