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After Marathon ‘Vote-a-Rama,’ Senate Democrats Ram Through ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Tax and Spending Bill

Pulling an all-night “vote-a-rama” Saturday that extended through the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, Senate Democrats defeated a slew of Republican amendments en...

Why China Owning US Land Is Bigger Deal Than You Might Think 

A senator from Alabama is sounding the alarm that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to overtake the United States not only militarily, but...

Gimmicks in ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Mask True Costs, Massive Inflationary Deficits

As Senate Democrats achieve their goal of jamming  through the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, reality is becoming clear: The bill will likely increase near-term...

Beijing’s Economic Problems Complicate Its Designs on Taiwan

As China continues military drills near the island of Taiwan, the tense security environment brings up a question: Is China going to invade Taiwan...

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